Daimler Truck


1. General

  • 1.1 Would you like to check whether your invoices have been transferred to our system?

    Infos about the Financial Vendor Portal (FVP): Info Financial Vendor Portal

    Find the correct MBOX of our Shared Service Center here.

    Invoices transferred with Basware/EDI/Paper will only receive feedback with the reason for rejection in the event of a rejection. If you do not receive a rejection, your invoice has been transferred to our system.

    To find out about the current status of your invoice, you can view it yourself in the Financial Vendor Portal.

  • 1.2 Your invoice has been rejected, what happens next?

    On the rejection letter, you will find the reason for rejection of your invoice. Please correct your invoice(s) accordingly and resubmit them via the agreed channel.

  • 1.3 Can I also send my invoices directly to Daimler Truck AG by email?

    No, you need to submit your invoice via one of the official channels. (Invoice transmission).

    The e-mail address Invoiceentry@daimlertruck.com is your contact only for questions and problems regarding the transmission of your invoices.

  • 1.4 How can I send my invoice to Daimler Truck AG?
  • 1.5 When can I expect my invoice to be transferred to the accounting system of Daimler Truck AG via the agreed channel?
  • 1.6 Can I change the way the invoice is sent?

    Yes, we are happy to support you in your transition process. (invoiceentry@daimlertruck.com).

  • 1.7 Where can I find a list of all plant and branch office addresses as well as corresponding VAT IDs?

    All details and information on this (Link).

2. Payment

3. Basware

Our service provider for your invoices in electronic format. 

  • 3.1 You want to send us invoices by e-mail as a PDF via our service partner Basware.

    All details and information can be found under: Invoice transmission.

    Sending PDF invoices as an attachment to an e-mail is free of charge for you up to 500 invoices per year and the procedure meets the legal requirements of Section 14 of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG).


    Here’s how it works:

    1. To use PDF invoices as an attachment to an e-mail, please register online in advance at: https://portal.basware.com/open/Daimler_Truck_and_Bus. 
    2. Please don't forget to authorize your email address for invoicing sending. Add the email address in PDF eInvoicing App and confirm via the email you will receive.
    3. After registering, you can send your invoices (in machine-readable format, e.g. PDF) to the e-mail address immediately and productively. Address: Daimler_Truck_AG@email.basware.com You find the e-mail address of other entities under: Invoice Transmission


    If you need help with registering or later with submitting of invoices, please contact Basware Support:

  • 3.2 You would like to resend your invoice via Basware, but it was rejected for duplicate reasons?

    Forward the rejection e-mail from Basware to our e-mail address invoiceentry@daimlertruck.com and we will request the retransmission of your invoice. 

    Should you have the need to transmit a high number of document duplicates, please contact us on invoiceentry@daimlertruck.com and we will request the time restricted deactivation of the duplicate check for you. 

  • 3.3 You have received a rejection e-mail from Basware for your invoice?

    The most common reasons for rejection are: Duplicate/Format/Unregistered email address/Name/VAT. No./plant (data incorrect, or e-mail incorrect)/delivery date missing or in incorrect format.

    All information is correctly stated on the invoice, but it is still rejected? If there are any unclear rejections, please contact Basware Support.

  • 3.4 Would you like to send us attachments via Basware together with your invoice?

    It is only possible to send your attachments together with the invoice in PDF format.The PDF must also be named “Appendix” or “Attachment”. Unfortunately, a digital signature cannot be read here.

  • 3.5 You want to view the status of your transferred invoice?

    On the Basware Portal, you can view the current transmission status of your invoices at any time.

  • 3.6 Are you already successfully sending invoices to us with Basware and would you like to add new users?

    New users can be added via the admin account you have already registered. The Admin account can create new users, both for viewing the Basware portal and for sending invoices by e-mail.

  • 3.7 I am already registered with Basware for invoicing to Mercedes-Benz Group AG, do I have to re-register for DTAG?

    It is not necessary to register again. You can send your invoices immediately to Daimler_Truck_AG@email.basware.com.

  • 3.8 Would you like to send invoices via Basware to different companies of Daimler Truck AG?

    Registration also allows you to send invoices to all other companies of Daimler Truck AG. However, the invoices must be sent to the Basware address which is assigned to the corresponding company. You find the e-mail address of other entities under: Invoice Transmission

4. Paper invoice

  • 4.1 Can I send my invoices by post to Daimler Truck AG?

    In principle, it is possible to send your invoice by post. However, we recommend you to inform yourself about our modern electronic transmission channels.
    We will continue to optimize our invoice transmission channels in the future and will therefore increasingly switch to electronic invoice transmission.

  • 4.2 Which address do I have to provide on the invoice in order for the invoice to be sent correctly?

    Information on the correct addressing of your invoice. Addressing.

5. EDI

  • 5.1 Have your contact persons changed?

    Please send us an email with the new contact persons to: invoiceentry@daimlertruck.com.

  • 5.2 You have received a notification from us that your invoice has been processed incorrectly. What is the next step?

    In the APERAK message (in order to receive it, you must have set it up) and in the e-mail you received from us, you will find the error message that contains the invoice. This invoice cannot be paid in this way. Please correct the invoice and resubmit it to us.

6. SBI

  • 6.1 Would you like to use the SBI procedure or transfer your invoices electronically via EDI?

    Please send an e-mail stating your supplier number to:  

  • 6.2 Which EDI format is used by Daimler Truck AG for the SBI procedure?

    We send SBI's and revaluation documents in VDA4938 format.

  • 6.3 I have not received an EDI run or would like to receive the run data again.

    Please send an e-mail stating your supplier number, plant and serial number to:

  • 6.4 Can I download a SBI as a PDF?

    You have the option of viewing your credit notes as a PDF in the Financial Vendor Portal (FVP) and downloading them. The documents can be called up in the FVP up to 6 months after creation.

  • 6.5 I have not received a credit note for a delivery note.

    Please send a request to: serie@daimlertruck.com. Your e-mail must contain the following information:

    • Supplier Number
    • Plant
    • Delivery note number and date
    • Unloading point
    • Partnumber 
    • Quantity (Qty)
  • 6.6 Do you have a content-related question about the created credit note?

    Please contact the contact person specified on the credit note.

    Your request must contain the following information:

    • Supplier Number 
    • Number of document 
    • Plant

7. Vendor master data

Supplier master data refers to basic information about suppliers that is stored and managed in a company.

  • 7.1 Why is my stored master data so important?

    We use your master data stored with us: such as contact details, bank details, address, company data, etc. for our cooperation with you as our valued supplier and therefore play a key role for Daimler Truck AG. Good master data ensures efficient procurement processes and minimizes risks in terms of delivery delays, quality problems or financial uncertainties. If the master data is not correct, this can have an impact on many processes, from procurement up to timely payment. 

  • 7.2 How can I change my master data?

    Every Daimler Truck AG supplier who already has a supplier number can log in to our Supplier Portal https://supplier.daimlertruck.com/portal/de and after registering they can manage their own master data in the SDB-T: (Supplier Database Truck) application. If you do not have a portal user, the link for the change process must be sent to you by an internal employee via the standard functionality of the SDB-T.

    Registration Help: https://supplier.daimlertruck.com/docs/DOC-1321

    Please note that the suppliers of Mercedes Benz Cars and Daimler Truck AG have separate supplier portals. 

  • 7.3 What is SDB-T?

    The Supplier Database Truck (SDB-T) is a central, web-based tool for managing supplier master data. The SDB-T is a workflow-based master data creation and modification tool that is equipped with several approval levels as well as automated checks. Only after the changes have been procedurally requested can they be approved by our employees and thus receive their application and validity.

  • 7.4 Who is my contact person for questions regarding my supplier master data (SDBT)?

    In principle, you can also share your data with your contact person/purchaser with us in the company. If you have any questions about your supplier master data, please contact us at the following address: LN-Stammdaten@mercedes-benz.com.

  • 7.5 Is it enough to send us an e-mail with the desired changes?

    Unfortunately, not. We recommend that you use the application and thus have full control over your master data. Each requested change/creation is assigned a process number (Txxx) in the SDB-T.  By specifying the process number, you can monitor the status of the process in the SDBT. Your requested changes must first be reviewed by our master data team before they are valid. 

  • 7.6 My invoice has not been paid due to outdated bank details.

    Yes, if the bank details stored with us in the SDB-T differ from the bank details on the invoice, the invoice will not be paid. Therefore, please start a change process in the SDB-T immediately and update your bank details. Please do not forget to upload the documents that can prove the change (tab Attachments) so that the change request can be checked (e.g., letterhead - where company name, address, bank details are visible or confirmation from the bank, or a current invoice to us). 

  • 7.7 I have not yet managed to register in the supplier portal and urgently need to change my data in the SDB-T.

    In this case, please contact your contact person/purchaser, who can send you a one-time link for the change in the SDBT.

  • 7.8 I forgot to upload the documents in my amendment.

    It is not possible to send the documents, while the process was already addressed to us. Alternatively, you can send the documents to: LN-Stammdaten@mercedes-benz.com but always with the subject: T-Process number and your supplier number.

  • 7.9 Status of the process in the SDB-T

    Suppliers can check the process status in the SDB-T at any time. In the History and Approvals tab, you can view the important information during the process and the process status itself.

  • 7.10 What is the Cyber Crime Process?

    The maintenance of the bank data in the SDB-T by the supplier itself ensures the accuracy of the bank information. In addition, the standardized cyber crime process takes place, in which the stored information is checked again via a second communication channel. Since this is based on feedback and written confirmation from suppliers, this review may take longer. This is then stored as a comment in the corresponding T-process.

  • 7.11 Help documents in the SDB-T

    Help documents can be found directly in the SDB-T application in the upper right corner -> the orange Help button.