Daimler Truck

Dialogue and qualification

Our company’s success depends in large part on our close and trust-based cooperation with our suppliers all over the world. We not only define our requirements and conduct targeted reviews but also actively support our suppliers’ implementation of our sustainability standards.

A shared understanding of sustainability and comprehensive know-how regarding implementation are basic requirements for successful sustainability management in the supply chain. For this reason, we have been organizing supplier training courses in cooperation with other vehicle manufacturers for many years now. Moreover, an e-learning program is available  for suppliers of Daimler Truck.

On the basis of the Business Partner Standards for suppliers and our Code of Conduct, we have also developed the Supplier Compliance Awareness Module. This module helps suppliers to address possible integrity- and compliance-related risks. Human rights constitutes one of the eleven compliance-related topics featured in this module. In addition, it clearly stipulates what we expect of the suppliers when it comes to integrity and provides information about legal requirements and ethical standards. The module is provided to all suppliers and can also be forwarded to the business partners in the supply chain.