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Invoice Transmission

You have the choice of how your invoice reaches us. Either quickly, modernly and efficiently via our digital transmission options or in the traditional way by post.

Overview eInvoicing

eInvoicing is the digital resouce-saving alternative to the paper invoice. This document provides information regarding different possibilities of electronic invoicing.

Info package e-invoicing

ERS / Selfbilling

Evaluated Receipt Settlement(ERS)is the process of settling goods receipt automatically. The vendor invoices are posted automatically in the system,based on the information in the purchase order and goods receipt(without actually receiving it from the vendor).

This procedure can be applied if legally allowed and all tax requirements are met. The process is appropriate for productive material as well as eShop suppliers.



  • Automated procedure based on the underlying contract between Daimler and the supplier.
  • ERS documents are usually transferred electronically via EDI VDA4938 (optional: paper receipt or PDF download from "Financial Vendor Portal")
  • Positive cash flow effect for the supplier through regular and on-time payments based on goods receipts and price settlements


If you are interested in the ERS processfor the German plants, please contact the following e-mail addressby mentioning your supplier number:


Electronic invoice transmission with VDA 4938

In order to meet the current legal and tax requirements in the automotive industry, the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA) has developed the VDA 4938 standard. With this standardized format in place, the transmission of invoices / credit notes between the companies can be implemented quickly.

The Daimler Truck AG uses the VDA recommended Global INVOIC D.07A format (included in VDA4938 T2). Upon successful testing, an EDI agreement between the sender and receiver is mandatory.


  • Standardized format in the automotive industry - can be used also for many other recipients
  • Very convenient to transmit high number of documents
  • Confirmation messages (type "APERAK") ensure full control and transparency for the Invoice Sender


If you have any further questions, the VDA team of Daimler Truck AG will support you:  InvoiceEntry@daimlertruck.com

Support can be found in the following document:
Download Handbook Remote Data Transmission


Electronic invoice transmission via Basware

The transmission process via the service provider Basware complements Daimler’s eInvoicing portfolio. Basware offers different ways of invoice sending and is very appropriate in regards to usage, data quality as well as from a monetary perspective for both parties. Please find below the different options:

  • 1. Premium

    The supplier can send the invoice data in many different ways to Basware (structured files or usage of a printer driver). The service provider takes care about data validation, converts the input data into the target format and subsequently delivers the document to the invoice receiver.

    By choosing structured files transmission, be aware that one-time connection costs may arise.
    If the sending company already uses its own eInvoicing provider, the selected partner can still be used. To enable a smooth invoice transfer to the recipient (here Daimler Truck AG) both service providers have to agree upfront on the format as well as the transmission channel (“roaming”).

    Annual packages are offered based on invoice quantities. Within this package, documents can be sent to multiple receivers. If the ordered package is smaller than the transmitted documents, an additional fee for exceeding transactions will be charged (see details below).


    • Fully automated solution for large number of documentsInvoice line item capturing enables automated data processing
    • Highest data quality
    • No implementation fees by using printer driver solution (software free of charge)
    • Test phase between supplier, Basware and Daimler Truck AG before Go-Live


    Further questions, please contact the eInvoicing team of Daimler Truck AG:

  • 2. Invoice Key In

    With Basware Invoice Key In, invoices can be created easily and free of charge by using the Basware portal. The supplier has to enter the data manually, upload functionality for attachments is available. Afterwards, the documents will be forwarded automatically to the invoice recipient. These are available on the Basware portal for three months and can be downloaded as needed.



    • Free of charge solution
    • Immediate start after registration on the portal
    • Easy access from anywhere


    Support for signing in and sending via Invoice Key In can be found here:
    Download Basware.Invoice.Key-In.User.Guide

    Here you will find an additional explanation by video:

  • 3. Email PDF

    Invoices can be sent as readable PDF to Basware easily and free of charge via email.

    To use PDF invoices as an attachment to an email, please register online in advance at: https://portal.basware.com/open/Daimler_Truck_and_Bus

    You may send your invoices after a successful registration to the following e-mail addresses:
    Daimler Truck AG: Daimler_Truck_AG@email.basware.com

    Other Daimler Truck and Bus entities: eInvoice_Daimler Truck Group

    Here you will also find all further details about the procedure. You can then submit the first productive invoice immediately.

    Attention: This service is limited to a maximum of 500 invoices / year to the Daimler Group. For larger volumes, please use the Premium version.

    Basware reads the data from the PDF invoice and sends the PDF along with the data set to the invoice recipient via the existing interfaces.


    • Free of charge
    • Immediate start after registration on the Basware portal
    • No IT investments required - use of existing email programs and PDF formats


    Support for sending via email PDF can be found here:
    Download Basware User Guide

    Here you will find an additional explanation by video: