Daimler Truck

Standards and Requirements

Daimler Truck is committed to the responsible procurement of production and non-production materials and services.

With the so-called Daimler Truck Business Partner Standards, we created a uniform standard for all business partners and suppliers. These have been derived from the two different standards, which applied at former Daimler AG for suppliers (Supplier Sustainability Standards) and for Sales Business Partners (Business Partner Standards). These Business Partner Standards form the guiding principles for sustainable supply chain management. They define our requirements for good working conditions, respecting and upholding internationally recognized human rights, environmental protection, safety, integrity and compliance.

We require our direct suppliers and service providers to recognize these sustainability standards, to communicate them to their employees and to pass them on to their own suppliers in the upstream value chain and to require them to comply accordingly. We also expect them to monitor whether the minimum requirements are being met.

In addition to our Business Partner Standards, we also guarantee our sustainability requirements with direct suppliers by means of contractual agreements. For example, through our special purchasing terms and conditions, the Daimler Truck Special Terms, we require suppliers to establish processes for upholding human rights due diligence processes in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines and Principles. We reserve the right to monitor and audit these processes. Furthermore, every supplier is required to inform us about human rights risks and appropriate countermeasures and to disclose to us risk hotspots throughout its supply chain, if so requested.

We support our suppliers in their implementation with information and qualification measures. Our service providers also explicitly recognize these standards as a contractual component of their supplier agreements.