Daimler Truck

Re-Naming of EvoBus GmbH with effect from July 12th, 2023

We would like to inform you that with effect from July 12th, 2023 we will be changing our company into

Daimler Buses GmbH

Please note that this is merely a new name. The legal form and other data relevant to company law or acting persons do not change. Of course, all terms and conditions and existing contracts remain valid.

We ask you to take this change into account immediately when maintaining your contact master data. From July 12, 2023, for tax reasons, we may only accept invoices that are issued to Daimler Buses GmbH. Unfortunately, we have to reject any other invoices.

As a subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, our company name is derived from our Group, of which we are an integral part with the Daimler Buses division. At the same time, it stands as a symbol for our future orientation and innovative strength. We have big plans. Our aim is still to build the best buses and to offer the best service.

The new name simplifies communication with you and all other stakeholders. As the umbrella for our vehicle and service brands, it helps to strengthen them. It underlines the importance of the bus business in our Group and draws its strength from it.