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Reference Request

We focus on long-term and successful cooperations with our business partners. Therefore, we receive numerous inquiries from our business partners about reference naming. The range of such inquiries is wide: Starting with the fact that a supplier or service provider would like to mention our company or brand name in a customer list, to case studies in which joint projects are to be described and published, to social media contributions and press releases on the joint business relationship.

Initiate the processing of your reference request here:

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Please use the e-mail address below only for technical issues or questions. Reference requests sent via e-mail will not be processed.



To give you an overview of our most important requirements in this context, we have summarized the key points in our guide Daimler Truck AG as Customer Reference:

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  • The fulfilment of our requirements summarized in our guideline does not replace the explicit reconciliation and release in individual cases.
  • There is no communication before the product concerned is launched on the market.
  • Please insure the correct classification of your reference request (production material / parts, non-production material).
  • Please keep in mind that the internal review of your request may take some time, as it needs to be reviewed by several Departments. Please note that the processing of your reference request may currently take up to 6 weeks.