Daimler Truck

Daimler Truck AG launches its own supplier portal with new access

Information on the planned separation of the Supplier Portal into two separate portals:
Mercedes-Benz Supplier Portal and Daimler Truck Supplier Portal

Due to the company split of Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz, a dedicated Daimler Truck Supplier Portal will be published. 

The cutover to the new system will happen on August 8. From then on, you can only access the Daimler Truck Supplier Portal by using following link:


Please note that your personal bookmarks may no longer work after August 8. In parallel to the new supplier portal also all procurement related applications (SDB, CERTUS, proQ) are split, too. 

Therefore, all documents related to Daimler Trucks and Buses will only be available in the new Daimler Truck Supplier Portal after that split. 

For proCure documents you will receive new emails with direct links as part of our cutover (Purchase Orders, RfX, Purchase Contract) to ensue documents that are still open before the split can still be responded to.

In order to access the Daimler Truck Supplier Portal existing users will keep their access. For new registered users the following logic applies:

  • If you have registered in the supplier portal before August 8, you can access both portals with your existing user-id and credentials. 
  • New user IDs for supplier locations created before the split can access both portals
  • New user IDs for supplier locations created after the split belong either to MBAG or to DTAG and will only have access to the respective Daimler Truck or Mercedes-Benz applications.

Thank you for consideration!

In case of further questions regarding the Daimler Truck Supplier Portal, please write an email to




  • What has changed since December 1st 2021?

    Since December 1st 2021, two separate landing pages are available in preparation for the final separation of the Supplier Portal in 2022. The different landing pages contain company-specific content.

  • What remains unchanged after December 1st 2021?
    • Your user IDs remain valid
    • Your previously acquired access rights to applications will be retained.
    • The known support contacts (telephone numbers, e-mail address) remain unchanged for the time being.
  • When do we plan to do the final separation of the Supplier Portal?

    The current planning provides for a final separation of the Supplier Portal on 2022-08-01. Changes and effects of the separation will be communicated on this page.

  • What does "visual separation" of the Supplier Portal mean?

    In a first step, we will provide only different landing pages for the two companies. The landing pages contain company-specific information. 

    The application list will be shared until the final separation of the system in 2022.

  • What happens to my access to the portals after the physical separation?

    Depending on which company you supply, your user ID is either valid for only one of the two portals or for both.

    If for example you only have a business relationship with Daimler Truck AG in the future, you will no longer be able to log in to the Mercedes-Benz Supplier Portal.

  • Can I continue to use my user ID after December 1st 2021?

    Yes, your user ID remains valid - for both landing pages.

    In case of any changes, we will inform you accordingly.

  • Do I have to re-register to use Daimler Truck applications?

    You user ID is still valid. If you need to request access for a Daimler Truck application depends on the respective application. Some applications will be available immediately after log-in, for some applications you may need to request access.

  • Will all applications be displayed twice in the portal by Dec 1st 2021??

    No, not all applications will be displayed twice by December 1st 2021. Each application has its own schedule.