Daimler Truck

MFA for confidential apps

Please find below instructions for setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the use of confidential applications.

  • What is MFA?

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) extends access permissions by checking multiple independent characteristics (factors).

    The purpose of MFA is to secure logins by using more than one factor of authentication. We achieve this by combining a knowledge-based first factor (Password) with a second factor based on possession (Fingerprint or One-Time Password (OTP)).

  • Why was MFA introduced?

    Our Information Security Policy requires that confidential applications have to use Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA). The use of an additional, different login helps to protect sensitive data from attacks (e.g. phishing) carried out by cybercriminals.

  • What are the supported ways to authenticate?
    • "PingID" mobile app - available on CoD & UoD. The current minimum requirements for the "PingID" mobile app are:
      • iOS version 11.0 and higher
      • Android version 6.x and higher
    • Authenticator app of choice, e.g. Microsoft Authenticator / Google Authenticator / ...
    • Using a supported hardware security key (only on supported browsers / platforms) 
      Please note: hardware security keys have to be bought by yourself and are not distrbuted by Daimler Truck AG.
    • For Yubikeys, currently following types are supported:
      • YubiKey 5 NFC
      • YubiKey 5C
      • YubiKey 5 Nano
      • YubiKey 5C Nano
      • Yubikey 5Ci (USB-C)
      • Security Key
      • Security Key NFC
    • Security protocol support:
      • Yubico OTP (One Time Password)
      • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)
      • FIDO2
  • Which applications are protected with MFA?

    MFA protected applications:

    • iCust
    • Alice
    • SRS Truck (Supplier Recovery System)

Further applications are expected to follow (e.g. engineering and purchasing applications) and are continually added to this list.