Daimler Truck

Packaging Planning

Our packaging is more much that just a mere covering; it is an important instrument when it comes to protecting our products and ensuring successful sales.

All contents and specifications of the following areas are binding for our suppliers, plants, joint ventures and all employees responsible for packaging questions. 


Find the needed information and downloads below:


VAS2000 label software:

Installation package

Parts file


Packaging guidelines:

Packaging guide german

Packaging guide english

Print standards

Label guide


  • Packaging

    The "Packaging" chapter is subdivided into two areas:

    The area General Standards applies for all brands. Here you will find all the basic standards that are binding for the packaging of all Daimler Truck AG brands. Download the document: Packaging_Standard_Guide.
    Here you will find the answers to the following questions:

    • Who does the packaging?
    • How is each product packaged?
    • Packaging materials and packaging
    • Quality standards
    • Standard packagings (FEFCO)
    • Hazardous goods
    • Delivery specifications
    • Contacts

    The area Design Standards is brand-specific. Here you will find the guidelines, packaging specifications and master copies for printing for the individual brands, such as Daimler Truck and smart.

    • After reconsignment of the authorization form the print files will be sent directly from GLC.  Download the document: Packaging_Authorisation.
    • Cardboard packagings and collapsible boxes up to the size DIN A3 are printed in the brand-specific design. The collapsible boxes can be produced in direct printing. Solid cardboard packagings can be procured via the GLC.


    In the download area you can find an overview with all relevant brand specific packagings Print-Standards.

  • Labels
    • The content of the packaging is always indicated on the part label. You can find the current version of the part labels below in the dowlnoad section. The name of the file is: vas2000_teile MMJJJJ.zip
    • The standard software VAS 2000 is available as a free download to users for printing the labels in order to ensure uniformity.
    • You can find ordering addresses and delivery conditions for the Daimler Truck and smart brands ans well as specifications related to label positioning in the documents MB_Label_Guide and Smart_Label_Guide
  • Legal Provisions
    • Mercedes-Benz Intellectual Property GmbH & Co. KG has registered industrial property rights for all brands. For example, for trademarks, designs and letterings. The Daimler Truck packaging design is also protected as a design patent and brand.
    • Only the copyright holder of the brand as well as authorized partners and suppliers are permitted to use the brand. Any unlawful use of the brands by third parties shall result in claims for damages, injunctive reliefs, penalties under criminal law as well as destruction claims.
    • The general terms of use and authorization forms can be found in the download area.