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    Here you find our service times as well as contact persons by topic.

    Contact Daimler Truck AG - GERMANY

    For telephone inquiries please contact out hotline:

                            +49 711 848 534 13

    Service times:

    Monday – Thursday:          8 am – 12 pm

    Please send your inquiries by e-mail specifying the vendor number in the subject (format LN 1xx/xxxxx) to the following e-mail addresses:

    Important note

    Currently, starting on 30.01.2023 our e-mail distribution system will only receive e-mails that have been sent to the shown e-mail addresses. The domain will not be supported any longer. Please copy only the addresses given here into the recipient field of your e-mail program and leave them unchanged.

    Invoice verification for deliveries, open payments.

    Freight invoices

    Own Retail (NDL*) invoices



    Reminder, payment advices, initiation of payments


    Daimler Truck AG

    Own Retail (NDL*)

    Creation / change of vendor master data

    Please use the SDB tool

    only in exeption cases

    SDB 4

    Invoice verification of services and assets (deposit-/final invoices)

    Own Retail (NDL*) services

    Plants services

    Hospitality costs



    Accounting plan

    Invoice verification for tools




    Majorel-returns and invoice clearing

    Insight and overview of your  LN account(s). Current  status check of your invoices. 

    Credit, debit advice, avise - direct access.

    Financial Vendor Portal (FVP) -> manual

    * NDL = Branches

    ** NPM = Non productive material

    *** PM = Productive material


    Contact Daimler Truck AG - european entities

    Valid for all countries Europe

    All Discrepancy in invoices like PO variance etc.

    Vendor creation and modification request / Queries

    All Adhoc payment request, schedule payment request and payment approvals

    Handle all Own Retail activities for AP

    Handle all general accounts payable queries like Invoice status, payment status etc.

    Valid for UK

    Valid for Spain

    Valid for Netherlands

    Valid for Czech Republic

    Valid for France

    Valid for Austria

    Valid for Belgium

    Valid for Italy

    Valid for Poland

    Valid for Switzerland

    Valid for Portugal




    Czech Republic:








    Manual FVP Financial Vendor Portal

    Please click here for further information on the registration process and access to the Financial Vendor Portal.

    Contact Daimler Buses Germany

    Contact Daimler Buses - european entitiesValid for all countries in EuropeHandle all Own Retail activities for APValid for all countries in EuropeHandle all Own Retail activities for AP