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    Why do I need to verify my e-mail address?

    Daimler Truck has changed the password reset process to improve the security of your accounts. The password phrases (access question and personal passphrase question) which you needed to reset your password in the past are no longer required. 

    In the future, all you need to reset your password is a verified and unique e-mail address. 

    Please note:

    • After successful verification of your e-mail address, the only person who will be able to reset your password will be you. Neither your portal manager nor the Daimler Truck Supplier Helpdesk will be able do the reset.
    • You will have to finish the whole verification process to be able to log on to the Supplier Portal again.

    How do I verify my e-mail address?

    For Users with exactly one Supplier Account 

    • When you log on to the Supplier Portal, you will be redirected to the verification page. On that page you will see the e-mail address that is currently linked to your supplier account.
    • Check if the e-mail address is correct and change it if needed.
    • By clicking on “Verify E-Mail Address” you confirm that your e-mail address is correct and you automatically start the verification process. A confirmation page will be displayed.
    • You will receive an e-mail from Daimler Truck to the e-mail address you just verified. This e-mail contains a verification link that you must click within 14 days after receipt of the e-mail in order to finish the verification process. A confirmation page will inform you of the successful verification. 

    Documentation with screenshots.

    For Users with several Supplier Accounts linked to the same E-Mail Address

    If you have more than one supplier account that all refer to the same e-mail address, you can link your accounts: you will have one main account and several subordinate accounts. Please note:The first supplier account for which you verify your e-mail address will automatically become the main account. Once set, you cannot change the main account by yourself as of now. The only way to change your main account is to open a ticket at the Daimler Truck Supplier Helpdesk and ask them to reset your main account. After the reset, you then verify the e-mail address of the account that should become your main account. Afterwards, you verify the e-mail addresses of all your other accounts.Step-by-Step Instructions: To verify the e-mail address of your main account, please follow the instruction mentioned above (for users with exactly one supplier account)For all of your other (subordinate) accounts please follow these steps:

    • Log on to the Daimler Truck Supplier Portal with one of your subordinate accounts (not the main account). After logon, you will be redirected to the linking page where the data of your main account will be displayed (supplier ID and e-mail address).
      You cannot change the e-mail address in this step.
    • By clicking on “Link your account” you confirm that you want to link both accounts.
    • You will be redirected to the Daimler logon page where you have to log on with the credentials of your main account (user id and password).
    • After the logon, you will be redirected to the linking page again. A confirmation page informs you that the two accounts have been successfully linked with each other. Both accounts are now verified.

    You need to repeat these steps for all of your subordinate accounts until every account is linked and verified.


    Documentation with Screenshots.


    For Users with several Supplier Accounts linked to the same Shared Mailbox

    In general, you should always link your supplier account to a personal e-mail address and not to a shared mailbox address used by more than one person (

    If you want to continue using a shared mailbox, the steps remain the same as mentioned above: 

    The supplier account who verifies his/her e-mail address first, will become the main account. All other supplier accounts that start the e-mail verification process later will need to contact the person using the main account during the verification process. Since you need the user id and password of the main account during the linking process, you need to carry out the linking of the accounts together.

    How does the new Password Reset process look like?

    Please click here for the password reset link.

    Password reset procedure for Daimler Truck Supplier Portal


    When will Daimler Truck introduce the new Process? 

    The new process already applies for newly created supplier accounts and for existing supplier accounts when users change the e-mail address.

    Starting from May 2021, all other supplier accounts will be requested to verify their e-mail addresses after logon to the Daimler Supplier Portal.

    All e-mail addresses should be verified by the end of June 2021.


    Why can‘t I log into an application?

    You can't log in to the application for the following reasons:

    1.If the user has not logged in for several days, and the user ID is inactive.

    2. If the user has not verified his/her email address, and the email status is 'Not Approved'.

    3. If the user has been blocked by an Admin.

    4. If the validity of your user account is expired.

    5. If your home organization is invalid, …

    User can`t login because the Login Mask will lead him to the verification process.

    User has to verify his e-mail address first then he can login to the system.

    How do I know which User ID is the Main ID?

    Within the account linking process, the main ID is shown in the linking page.

    After account linking, only a portal manager can view the main ID and the list of IDs linked with the main ID in ALICE, This will be displayed on the user overview page.

    I have multiple accounts with the same e-mail address. Which account will become Main account? Which account should I choose?

    • The first account for which you make the verification will become the main account.
    • You can choose the account that fits you best, there is no rule.

    I have accidentially verified the „wrong user“ as first user/Main account.

    Please send an email to our support and ask them to reset the verification for this user. Then you can do the verification with another user, which then becomes the Main ID.

    Can I change my Main ID?

    Currently there is no function available, but this is planned for a future release. As a temporary workaround, you can request this at Then our support will reset the verification for the user.

    Where can I see which accounts are linked to my Main account ID?

    Supplier users do not have access to ALICE to see the accounts linked to their main account. However, as a Portal Manager, he/she have the access to view the main account and the list of accounts linked to it within ALICE. This information can be found on the user overview page.

    Why can I as a portal manager do not make a password reset for users anymore?

    When a user has successfully verified their email address, the portal manager no longer has the capability to reset the user's password. In such cases, the user must perform a password reset themselves through the Credential Management Tool using their email address

    Password reset procedure for Daimler Truck Supplier Portal

    User did not receive an email with the confirmation link.

    • User should first check his/her SPAM folder.
    • User should login again into the Daimler Truck Supplier Portal and request a new confirmation link by starting the verification process again. Maybe the entered e-mail address was wrong.

    I have my supplier account for years and never had to do this.

    Due to new Daimler Truck Regulations it is necessary that every user has a unique and personalized e-mail address which will be verified. The benefit is that users can easily reset their password via email in the future.