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    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of delivery note and transport data
    Communication with Daimler AG is performed using electronic data interchanges (EDI) of delivery notes and transport notifications according to the communication standard developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). In this regard, suppliers and freight forwarders are required to create the prerequisites necessary for communication with Daimler AG and to apply these at all times.

    Possible solutions

    1. Transmission of a delivery note standard EDI according to VDA 4913 or Edifact (DESADV) or a transport standard EDI according to VDA 4921

    To set up a standard EDI from your own EDP system, a procedural and data test will be required. A detailed description of this can be found in the EDI Manual.

    2. Alternative online entry in the Inbound Logistics Platform (IBL) in the Daimler Supplier Portal

    • The IBL-DQM application is available in the Daimler Supplier Portal for transmitting EDI delivery notes via the internet.
    • The IBL-TM application is available in the Daimler Supplier Portal for transmitting EDI transport notifications via the internet.
    • Neither method requires a procedural or data test.

    If you have general questions on this subject, please contact our hotline at +49 (0)30 / 887 215 588 or write an email

    Process deviations

    To improve the data quality of transmitted delivery data and thus prevent incurrence of additional costs for follow-up work created by missing, incomplete or erroneous Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Daimler provides DQM for its suppliers.

    The REKLA module is also available on the IBL platform for the complaint of logistical failures. Corresponding deviations and the additional work incurred are documented here and made available to the causer for a statement directly.

    We expressly point out: In the event of process defects resulting from faulty, incomplete or missing data or from process deviations in the delivery, the supplier will be charged the resulting costs if responsible for their generation.

    Outbound Logistics:

    Weitere Informationen zur Datenkommunikation der OBL Fertigfahrzeug-Distribution finden sie hier.